Born in Sweden, started in America, Fridababy isn’t a lifestyle brand. Their brand centers and celebrates the essential products that they call “Parenting 411.” These are the products parents swear by and can’t live without during the 4-am-and-my-kid-won’t-stop-crying nights.


Approachable and appealing to millennial moms, their products are simple and solution based. During one quarter, they were ready to introduce 9 products to the marketplace in over three months. That’s where we come in.


Getting Started

We began by identifying the immediate needs of their buyer and finding micro influencers that matched the demographics of their audience. Fridababy desired to funnel all site traffic to their Amazon presence. Throughout the duration of the campaign, we worked with 220 influencers, bringing Fridababy 16, 727 unique clicks to Amazon.


Reviews and social proof

More than that, we were able to increase social proof on each product, boosting the previous 0 reviews on Amazon to over 1,900 reviews for the nine products.


What we did:

3 month Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign


Campaign by the numbers:

Unique clicks: 16,727

Product reviews: 1,900

Total impressions: 1,109,000

Total reach: 806,600