Arctix Outerwear

Born in Sweden, started in America, Fridababy isn’t a lifestyle brand. Their brand centers and celebrates the essential products that they call “Parenting 411.” These are the products parents swear by and can’t live without during the 4-am-and-my-kid-won’t-stop-crying nights.a

When Arctix initially approached us, the problem was clear. They had an incredible product that wasn’t getting enough attention. Like many of our clients, they had no idea where to start with influencer marketing. 


Where Paid Advertising previously Failed

Prior to working with us, the brand spent a large amount of money on Facebook advertising campaigns but saw minimal sales in return. Based on data, there was no clear idea of their audience and the click rate was incredibly high.

Arctix was ready for a pivot and naturally started offering free products to influencers in hope of gaining social proof. The tracking behind the campaign was minimal and they didn’t see ROI. 


A better partnership

We knew a singular campaign wouldn’t offer the necessary solutions needed for the brand. In our first campaign, we established a clear audience and benchmark for campaigns going forward. The results? We quickly discovered that male Gen Z influencers and Performance athletes weren’t their ideal influencers. Who were? Mom and RV traveling mom Influencers. Surprised? We were too. In our second campaign, we were able to double down on data, honing in on the target market and saw a massive increase in both clicks and sales.

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Arctix Outwear 2
Arctix Outerwear Featured

What we did:

3 Influencer Marketing Campaigns across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram


Campaign by the numbers:

Influencers: 28

Unique clicks: 20,058

Total impressions: 203, 536

Total reach: 106, 226