Adelaide Freeman

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, as a middle child I am a natural connector, encourager, motivator, and people-person.

What makes Twillo Brand Influencers Different:

I moved to New York City in 2011 to chase after the dream of becoming a fashion designer. I spent the first four years of my time in New York City on the roller coaster of unemployment. This experience developed thick skin, great resiliency and little did I realize at the time the “right” entrepreneur mindset.

After months and years of back and forth unemployment, I finally did land a freelance position that turned into a full-time job. However, after a year of working with the company my position was eliminated and I was let go. In complete shock, lost, and directionless, I hired a life coach. He exposed me to the abundantly rich world of motivating, encouraging, and coaching others to great success. I learned from him when he motivates and encourages his clients to make positive life changes, he wins, everyone wins.

I have taken this same mindset and mentality and applied working with my clients and Influencers. Our company is different than most influencer marketing agencies, we are performance based and work hard to establish and cultivate personal and thriving relationships with our influencers. A passion of mine is motivating our influencers to reach their own individual goals, which in turn hits and exceeds our client’s goals. Here at Twillo Brand Influencers, we are results oriented, for both our clients and our influencers. When our influencers win, our clients win, we win.

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