Future Proofing Your Business on TikTok

Tik-Tok began in 2016 and was one of the first social media apps to be created internationally. While many companies secured handles, few brands had the omnipresence or capacity to begin building on this platform and largely regarded it as dancing videos and music trends. In 2019, the app hit 1 billion downloads and reached a vast global marketplace.


However, as time has passed and thought leaders continue to lean into the platform we have found TikTok is so much more. 


According to Forbes, “40% of consumers are Gen Z who spend at least 3 hours online daily.” We saw the power of TikTok when over $500 million was spent in Q2 of 2021 through ads and partnership.


Bottom line: When it comes to TikTok and your brand, it’s the future proofing of your customer base over the next 10 years. 


As you’re building TikTok strategy, here’s 5 tips to get started:

Future Proofing TikTok 1
Future Proofing TikTok 2
  1. Know your audience. Gen Z aren’t kids. Rather they are anyone born between 1997 and 2012. Oldest gen Z members are in their early 20s. Considered trendsetters this generation understands the Internet better than anyone to date. Keep things on trend, short and clear in messaging. Formality doesn’t work with Gen Z. Embrace irony, humor and entertainment.
  2. Influencers are vital to leveraging a new account on TikTok’s platform. Create deeper ongoing relationships with influencers and content creators through ongoing partnerships and PR packages/unboxing experiences.
  3. The right influencer makes all the difference. (That’s where we come in.) Reviewing audience demographics and conversion rates, we match your brand with the right influencer. Unlike Instagram, most TikTok content creators build accounts based on product and content niches rather than general lifestyle categories.
  4. Effects increase virality on content. Similar to Instagram’s explore page and spotlighting of featured reels, effects from stickers to filters to wipe cuts increase both user engagement and virality within the app.
  5. Humor is essential. Appealing to GenZ, nothing is sacred and irony remains a powerful tool. Whether remaining light-hearted and upbeat, it’s key to remember that humor is essential when it comes to building a library of content for TikTok.

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