Tactics To Increase Audience Engagement Rates Part 2

Hello, my name is Adelaide Freeman. I am going to share with you tactics to help increase audience engagement rates. This is important for you to know as an influencer for your brand, but also when you are on the look-out to finding the “right” influences to partner with for your upcoming campaign.

  1. Increase Your Engagement Rate & Follower Count By Following Related Accounts 

A strategy that increases engagement rate and also increases your follower count is by following related Instagram accounts. You can search through Instagram by finding pages in your niche and hitting down arrows to see similar accounts. Copy a list that has as many pages as you can and paste it onto your phone’s notepad. Begin by following and liking the first 3 photos from these pages within your similar category. These will be the same accounts that you’ll want to gain attention from. As these accounts receive notifications, you will increase your chances of standing out and being seen. The goal is for them to be directed to your page and engage with your content. Remember that the pages you tag should be within your niche and these should be the accounts that would be more likely to repost your content.

  1. Use Polls To Increase Activity and Honest Feedback

Engage with your audience through polls and asking them questions about what content they would like to see more of. Social media can get very honest and opinionated quickly. Polls helps to engage and immerse your audience into the brand and receive valuable insights.

  1. Aim To Get On The Home Instagram Explorer Page

The goal is to have your post land on Instagram’s home explorer page. When your post hits the Explorer Page of Instagram you are rewarded with more opportunities for your content to be discovered and engaged with. The most common way you do this is by having a higher number of likes and comments within the first hour your post goes live. The key is to focus on powerful engaging content.

  1. Join Engagement Groups To Mutually Engage In Each Other’s Posts

Engagement groups are one of the most effective ways to increase engagement especially for influencers just starting out. Be careful though as you increase your following, engagement groups can work against you.

Engagement groups do have a range of the number of people who participate in the group, anywhere from a few to 20 to 35 members. The members of these groups have similar interests and within the same niche and category. For example, female life coaches looking to partner with moms wanting to scale their small businesses. These groups all have similar interests and support one another’s content.

When you post content, each member of the engagement group is required to comment and like the other member’s post. Sometimes members even repost your content to their own pages and/or Instagram stories. You are leveraging other influencer networks, which can be an awesome way to grow your own community.

So the question is, should you join one? The benefits include boosting your engagement, as well as being a part of a valuable networking group of other experts within your niche and category. Another benefit is that many times within the group – the influencers share potential opportunities and advice with each other. When you’re starting out, this makes sense. It helps you grow at a faster rate than being on your own.

Also, it is very likely going to be time-consuming for you, which is fine early on, when you’re working hard to grow your following. However, you may see an opportunity lost as you grow your follower count. Ultimately, I recommend using engagement groups early on, but make sure that there is a tight-knit community inside those groups and all the influencers have a similar focus as you to build their following and engagement to attract and grow the right audience.

  1. Tag Influencer accounts in your photos

Here is a secret for you. For every post you create you can directly tag 30 or so accounts within your category in the top corner of the photo. You will want to tag one on top of the other of the photo itself. There is no need to tag these accounts in the caption. The accounts will be notified, discover you, and be prompted to visit and engage with your photo. Make sure to tag accounts that are within your category and have similar audiences as you.

  1. Tag Other Accounts In Your Stories 

Are you creating big announcement or promotional stories and wish to have the stories reach an even larger audience? Then this next piece of advice is perfect for you. Tag other accounts or influencers in your stories to reach new audiences. I suggest tagging your top brand advocates. Instagram then gives the option for those accounts to share your story to their own audience. If they do share the story, you have now tapped into a new audience and extended your reach. Make sure when you are tag the accounts that you match the text with the same color as the background. This way the stories can be shared, and the influencer accounts are not visible.

I hope you have enjoyed and learned valuable insights from the two part series of tactics to increase audience engagement rates. Stay tuned for future content where I discuss all things influencer marketing.

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