Stop Thinking Macro and Start Thinking Micro Influencer Marketing

There has been a lot of “talk” about working with micro Influencers. So what is the hype really all about? And is it justified too? In this blog article, I am going to share with you the benefits of partnering with nano and micro influencers. Here at Twillo, the way we classify both nano and micro influencers as individuals with a following of (2,000 – 50,000). In this article I will share the benefits to partnering with nano and micro influencers for influencer campaigns. For the sake of avoiding a mouth full, I will speak of micro influencers, but please note these also do include nano as well.

  1. Micro Influencers Have Smaller Niche Audiences. We only work with micro influencers. Micro influencers have highly targeted niche followings. Their audience genuinely looks to the influencer for advice for success in a given field. The concept that influencers must have millions of followers for a successful campaign is …. FALSE. Trust is Key. Trust tends to aggregate in smaller audiences.
  2. Building The “Rt” Type of Audience. Building an engaged audience of followers around your brand is key to tapping into existing communities and new communities. Since micro influencers have highly targeted niche audiences, these partnerships helps build the “right” audience for your brand. These brand advocates will not only encourage their audience to check out your website, but also your social media helping to build your following. The key is to partner with micro influencers that have similar demographics and psychographics of your own target market. Over the span of the campaign you will win followers of your target market, building the “right” audiences of future customers and/or clients.
  3. Partner With Micro Influencers For Increased Social Presence And Click Thru Rates. Micro influencers tend to have stronger audience engagement rates than macro influencers. These influencers do not have as many followers and can afford to interact more with their audience. Micro influencers are excellent agents to promote on-going genuine conversations on your brand. This in turn strengthens your brand’s social presence and click through rates to your website. In our experience, we’ve found that a micro influencer, sometimes as little as 3,000 followers often have a higher click through rate to a brand’s website than a macro influencer with over 75,000 followers. In a past campaign a micro Influencers with 10,000 followers sent 175 unique clicks to the brand’s website. The macro Influencer with 85,000 followers sent only 30 unique clicks to the website. Both of these two influencers had similar demographics and aesthetics.
  4. More bang for your buck. Influencer marketing is more cost effective and efficient than traditional marketing *Source: U.S. Daily. When working with micro influencers, these partnerships further raise your campaign ROI and lowers the overall dollar spend. Especially if you choose to partner with performance based micro influencers, these partnerships can be more cost-effective than traditional marketing initiatives.
  5. Shortens your conversion window. There are numerous benefits to partnering with micro influences who have similar audience demographics to your target market. One benefit of these partnerships that I have not mentioned before is playing a role to shorten your sales conversion window. Micro Influencers are driving “quality” traffic to your website and generating “warm” leads for your brand. They do this by speaking highly of your brand to their niche social media audience, your target market. The micro influencers are warming up their audience to your brand and product even before your customer checks out your website. This in turn helps to shorten your conversion window.

There has always been a great appeal to partnering with a macro or celebrity Influencer to promote your brand messaging. However, influencer marketing is changing…now is the time to reconsider these micro Influencer partnerships. Here at Twillo Brand Influencers, we only work with micro influencers. We have seen results, just ask our clients 🙂

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