Compensation approach

At Twillo Brand Influencers we believe incentive based compensation produces optimal results for our clients. We operate a Pay for Performance business model.

We work for and with you to establish campaign metrics based on your goals and objectives. This enables us to price our services, which includes a set up fee and the Pay for Performance compensation budget.

Our initial fee covers the preparation and the initial A/B testing phase of your campaign. The start up fee is 15% of the overall budget based on our mutual agreement of campaign metrics.

The start-up fee includes:

Interviews with each influencer, within your product category, to assure your messaging is aligned with their followers and your target audience

Hold discussion calls with each influencer to review their unique campaign strategies, creative tactics, and promotional messaging to implement your campaign and attain agreed upon KPIs/metrics and goals

Prepare and submit a comprehensive report of Influencers’ bios, past campaign analytics, and each influencers’ unique campaign strategy and approach

Campaign Timeline