Influencer Marketing: Why You Might Not Be Getting The Results You Want

Are stumped on why you did not get the results you wanted from your past influencer marketing campaigns?


In my experience, I have time and time again come across many brands who are disappointed with their influencer marketing campaign results. They did not see a return on their investment. I have written this blog post for those who are stumped on why they might not have received the results they were looking for.

The first reason why you might not have acquired the results you want is that you didn’t spend enough time really getting to know the influencer’s audience. It is crucial that the influencers’ audience demographic and psychographics beautifully align with your target market. I have seen brands in the past find an influencer with a pretty face and beautiful content and give the influencer the product to promote to their audience. The brand walks away with little to no results because the two audiences did not align. You would be so surprised how many times brands skip over this step.

The second reason why you might not have received results you wanted is that you placed way too much emphasis on finding influencers with high followings instead of finding influencers with high audience engagement percentages. A high audience engagement percentage is a great indicator to let you know the influencer has a very strong relationship with their audience and that their audience truly looks to the influencer for advice for success. You want to make sure that the influencers are taking the time to stir-up genuine conversations with their audience. It is also important to do a deeper dive into these conversations. Are the audience members responding and do these topics truly appeal to their followers?

The final reason why you might not have obtained the results you want is that your campaign was not broken up into multiple phases. It is important that the influencers tell a story in their own words about your brand and how it has impacted their lives. They should be walking their audience through the consumers journey. The collaboration should not just be the influencers creating just one post for your brand.

It is really important that you establish the first phase of the campaign as what we call A/B test phase. This is the phase I always suggest you break up the influencers into different groups and test anything from promotional language to different social platforms, whether the influencer is promoting on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok and different markets across the country.

The influencers with the top-performing content are able to move on to future phases of the campaign. These future phases of the campaign is where first the influencers are creating an emotional connection between your brand and their audience and then through a series of posts, stories, videos the influencer shifts the audience’s mindset to immerse the product into their lifestyle. In the final phase called sales conversion phase, this phase should be optimized with the core group of influencers that are most effective at shifting the audience’s behavior and mindset.

The final reason why you might not have received the results that you were expecting is that you didn’t implement Facebook advertising into your overall strategy. If you stay tuned to future videos and blogs, I will share the reasons why paid media is so important to incorporate into your overall influencer marketing strategies.

Adelaide Freeman

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