How Influencer Marketing + Paid Media Go Hand In Hand

Hello, my name is Adelaide Freeman and in this video I am going to share why it is important to pair Influencer Marketing With Paid Media.

Your Influencer marketing campaigns do not have to be at the mercy of Instagram’s algorithm. I have found many marketers and brands have the challenge of relying on Instagram’s organic reach to target their consumers on Instagram. After the influencers post to Instagram, only about 10 – 20% of the entire audience views the post. This poses a real problem and a challenge to get real results. However, with the combination of influencer marketing + paid media you can target specific audiences for increased reach and calculated results.

No longer can you could throw a product at an influencer and expect to see sales or immediate
results from one or two posts. Especially because audiences are being bombarded with #ads left and right and there are new influencers popping up daily to promote a product. I tell you, results come from increased promotional frequency by targeting the correct audiences. When used as part of a cohesive digital marketing strategy, influencer marketing and paid media together are a winning combination to convert consumers at every point of your sales funnel. Influencer marketing and Facebook Ads go hand in hand. From Awareness to Consideration to Purchase Decision, Facebook Ads are there to help further push consumers down the buying funnel.

I will now share how you capture influencers’ audience data to utilize for paid media.

When you partner with influencers, they are driving “quality” traffic directly into your marketing funnel and generating “warm” leads for your brand. The influencers are warming up their audience to your brand even before the audience checks out the your website. And how do they do this? The influencer takes a photo of themselves in action speaking about the great impacts your product has had on their own life. The influencer encourages their audience to click on your link in their bio, which takes the audience directly to either your marketing funnel or website. We suggest you place a pixel on your website and also within the influencers’ unique links. This pixel captures the audience data when a user clicks on the link in their bio or swipe-up within the Instagram stories. The pixel on the website captures organic traffic to your website. You are able to then use the captured data from both the website pixel and pixel within the influencers’ unique links to serve and retarget the audiences with Facebook Ads.

Another tip we suggest, the influencers’ audiences who engage with the promotional post the most, we suggest creating “look-alike” audiences based off the original data. Make sure you are monitoring the influencers’ post. Influencers with the top-performing content those creatives should be used for Facebook advertisements as well.

Another tip I suggest is using different influencer creatives to create different types of Facebook Ads. Depending on the action the user takes on your website, you will serve a certain type of ad to them. For example, there should be an ad geared toward awareness and creating an emotional connection with your brand. Videos are great for this. There should be an ad geared toward consideration – where the ad touches on the specifics of the product. You would serve this type of ad to the audience groups who clicked on the product page of your website and then dropped off. Finally, there should be an ad geared toward purchase decision, where the user would be served this ad if they abandoned the shopping cart. This ad has a strong call to action to convert the user into a buyer.

Another form of advertisement we suggest implementing apart of your influencer marketing strategy is paying to promote top performing Influencers’ content.

The final ad I suggest is where Influencers grant the brand access to their audiences on Instagram. You would then run ads through the influencer’s accounts. For a small price tag, you can get hundreds of thousands of impressions and likes or increase the traffic to your site through this type of ad. As I mentioned before, only a small percentage of the influencers’ audience saw their post – sometimes as little as 10% will see a particular post. As a result, we suggest you pay to promote the influencers’ post. When you pay to promote a post a much larger percentage of the influencer’s audience will see the post and have the opportunity to engage with your brand. One thing to note, only promote the influencers’ content with the highest engagement rates or top-performing post, since you know it generated a high response rate from the followers who saw it.

Thank you for watching this video! With the combination of influencer marketing & paid media you can target the correct audiences for increased calculated results.

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