Finding and partnering with the RIGHT Influencers To Market Your Brand

Hello, my name is Adelaide Freeman and I have created this video to share with you tips and tricks on finding and partnering with the right influencer for your upcoming campaign.

Partnering with the right influencers not only generates results for your brand, but also builds your following with the correct audiences. And as I like to say the correct audiences that is where your potential clients live.

Now I am going to share with you some tips and tricks to pay attention to. The first thing to pay attention to is the influencers’ media kit. Make sure that you’re looking at the audience demographics of the influencer’s media kit. You want to make sure the influencer’s audience demographic beautifully align with your target market.


The second thing to pay attention to is finding influencers with a strong high audience engagement percentage and not necessarily a high following. A strong audience engagement percentage is an excellent indicator that this influencer has a very strong relationship with their audience. You also want to pay attention to whether the influencer is stirring up genuine thought-provoking conversations with their audience and their audience is truly looking to the influencer for advice for success and also continuing these conversations. I always suggest pay attention to the comments section. Do these comments have weight behind them or are they fluff comments as I like to say such as emojis or “love it” and that’s it.

The next thing to keep in mind is consistency. Consistency is key. You want to make sure the influencers have consistency along these different categories. The first category is to make sure the influencer is consistently posting. Pay attention to how often the influencer post. Does the influencer post every day or do they post every other day or do they post every other week or once a month? Make sure that you partner with an influencer that post consistently. The second thing is you want to make sure the influencer is consistently churning out content to a very niche audience. You want to make sure that the content appeals to a certain type of audience and has a similar theme running throughout. The final category is you want to make sure that the influencer is consistently posting high-resolution shots and top-quality videos. You want to make sure that they consistently have top quality content across the board.

So now you find one influencer that you want to partner with, I’m going to share with you tips and tricks on how to find other influencers that are similar to that first influencer. I suggest hitting the down arrow on the influencer’s Instagram profile. Allow Instagram to do the work for you. Instagram will eventually show you influencers that are similar to the previous influencer and similar in category and also audience engagement percentage. Another thing to note, when you find that one influencer you wish to partner with, check their hashtags. Chances are influencers within that same category also use those similar hashtags as well.

Once you have your team of influencers, it is important to jump on phone calls with these influencers for two reasons. The first reason is that you want to create a relationship with these influencers and immerse these influencers into your brand to become brand advocates. You want to make sure they are consistently promoting your brand to their audiences. The second reason you want to have a phone call is that you want to share with the influencers what your metric for success is for the upcoming campaign. Is your metric for success high number of clicks to the website, is your metric for success high video views or high reach and impressions? The reason you want to share your metric for success with the influencers is that they know their audiences better than you do. They know the type of unique strategy to implement in order to carry out your ultimate goal.

Once you have your team of influencers and you have held phone calls with all them now it’s time to begin the campaign. It is so crucial that before you even begin the campaign, you implement what I like to call A/B test phase. The A/B testing phase is where you break the influencers into multiple groups. You are testing anything from promotional language to the different types of social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok) and the different markets across the country. The influencers with the top-performing content, those are the influencers that are able to move on to the meat of the campaign and to the multiple phases of the campaign. If you stay tuned in future videos, I will share how to break down the campaign into the multiple phases for the top strategy. So stay tuned and thank you.

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